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Discussion in ' Peterbilt Forum ' started by scottclymerDec 5, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Dec 5, 1. Turned the truck off, fueled and grabbed the receipt.

When I came back out to start the truck I got nothing. I turned the key on, let the guages cycle and turned it to start. So I ended up sleeping in the fuel isle till 7am when the local shop opened. The mechanic came to the conclusion that the relay was bad and had somehow fused into the on position supplying the starter with power and burning it up. Well he didn't have the relay and I had a load that was urgent in Detroit so he gave me a bump start and I proceded on my way.

After unloading, getting a second opinion from my local shop in Romulus which yielded the same conclusionand spending the night. I showed up at the Romulus peterbilt first thing saturday morning. They replaced the starter and relay and everything was perfect. So I started toward Boston for my next assignment and ended up stopping in Milldale, CT for the night.

After waking up I shut the truck off seeing as I was going to do laundry, eat, and shower. I came back out a couple hour later and I'm in the same situation Why are these relays going out?

Is there another problem that we are missing? Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Dec 5, 2.A starter relaycommonly known as a starter solenoid, is the part of a vehicle which switches a huge electric current to the starter motor, in light of a little control current, and which in turn sets the engine in motion.

Its capacity is indistinguishable from that of a transistor except that it utilizes an electromagnetic solenoid instead of semiconductor to play out the exchanging.

In numerous vehicles the solenoid additionally connects with the starter pinion with the ring gear of the engine.

All start relays are simple electromagnets consisting of a coil and a spring-loaded iron armature. When a current passes through the coil of a relay, the armature moves to increase the flux.

Peterbilt 579 Operator's Manual

When the current is switched off, the armature contracts. In a starter relay, when a key is turned in the car ignition, the movement of the armature closes the pair of heavy contacts that serve as the bridge between the battery and the starter motor. To ensure the starter relay functions properly, it must receive sufficient power from the battery.

Insufficiently charged batteries, corroded connections, and damaged battery cables can all prevent the starter relay from receiving enough power to operate correctly. When this happens, an audible clicking noise is typically heard when the ignition key is turned. Because it contains moving parts, the starter relay itself can also fail over time. If it fails, the ignition makes no sound when the ignition key is turned. There are two types of starter relays: internal starter relays and external starter relays.

Internal starter relays are built within a starter motor. The relay is the switch mounted on the outside of the starter motor housing with its own case.

Most of the time, when a starter motor fails, it is usually the starter motor relay and not the armature or gear that goes bad. External starter relays are separate from the starter motor. They are usually mounted above a fender or on the firewall of a vehicle. This type of starter relay has power directly from the battery and key operation from the start position. The external starter relay works the same as the internal starter relay; however, there is more resistance applied to the circuits.

There are wires from the external starter relay to the starter motor, which can create additional heat if the wire size is incorrect. In addition, external starter relays tend to have easy access for someone to tap in a fuseable link to a stereo amplifier. This is usually fine; however, when the amplifier is active and the starter motor becomes active, the relay can create too much heat, destroying the contact points inside and making the starter relay ineffective.

Symptoms of a failing starter relay include problems starting the vehicle, the starter staying on after the engine is cranked, and a clicking noise coming from the starter. Sometimes the starter relay will stay on causing the starter motor gear to stay engaged with the engine ring gear, even when the engine is propelled on its own.

Also, corroded contacts can make a high resistance on the relay keeping the relay from making a good connection. PP Step 1: Attempt to start the engine.Page of Go. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Trucks Peterbilt Operator's Manual pages. This manual may also include a description of features and equipment which are no longer available or were not ordered on this vehicle.

Page 7 Truck Model Example Brake in the Subject Index.

peterbilt starter relay location

Do not carry additional fuel containers in your vehicle. Fuel containers, either The safety alert following this symbol The alert following this symbol and full or empty, may leak, explode, and and signal word provides a caution signal word provides important cause or feed a fire.

Keep distraction to a minimum to driver's duty to do so. Inspect the improve your concentration. Do not attempt repair work without suf- They are the ones equipped to do the ficient training, service manuals, and Information Another place to learn more about Modifying your vehicle can make it un- Installed Equipment - Operator's trucking is from local truck driving safe. Some modifications can affect Manuals schools. Contact one near you to learn your vehicle's electrical system, stabil- about courses they offer.

You could slip and fall, which could lead to death or personal injury. Keep steps clean. The following pictures show you the right way to get on and off the area Keep steps clean. Clean any fuel, behind your cab. Pull Latch to Open 3. Pull Up to Separate To open your hood, unlock the hood hold downs by unlatching them. Put one or both hands on the top of the hood front. Tilt the hood forward by pulling at the top of the hood keeping your feet on the ground for stability.

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Before opening or closing the hood, make sure your footing is secure and stable. Failure to do so may cause the hood to close uncontrollably which may result in death or personal injury. Always ensure the hood hold-open latch is engaged to keep the hood fully open any time anyone gets under the hood for any reason. The seat could move suddenly and unexpectedly and Thigh support This section covers the operation can cause the driver to lose control of and safe use of your seats.

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Thread Rating: 1 Vote s - 5 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Reputation: I have 10 peterbilts s all specd the same, all run sequencing and im having a lot of issues with the starter temperature sometimes not allowing the trucks to restart. Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks and Rep if I helped you. I believe it's actually a low Voltage disconnect, not Temp. Browse Features and Parameters and I think you'll see it.

I've never looked into the cause, usually stick a charger on when a customer's does that and off it goes. I looked into features and parameters and there is nothing in there that shows anything about low voltage disconnect. I have only had a few times when the starter protection light came on.

Same here we have trucks here that lock the starter out never seen any sensors. I'm pretty sure it locks it out with software possibly ESA? If i helped thanks and rep are appreciated. I have had a bad relay before, it will not turn on the starter over temp light in the dash. Replies: 8. Last Post by timbruun. Peterbilt paccar engine to cummins isx cm Replies: 7. Last Post by ayjanamo. Replies: Last Post by Benk. Last Post by Yairoramos. Replies: 5.

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All rights reserved.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 38 Vote s - 2. Reputation: 1. Im having some issues with a peterbilt with a c Truck wont start till u try a couple of times.

Im trying to look for the key switch solenoid but i cant see it bolted to the firewall, like i have seen on kenworths and freightliners. I tried looking at starter, but its just the starter and solenoid, older style. It has no switch on top of soneloid in starter. Anyone has any idea where it is located? Reputation: I ran into this on an 06 it was the starter relay on the passengers side under hood fuse box I had a buddy hold the switch to start and wiggled and move the relay, and check the wires behind it tooAM calichero Wrote: Hi.

I bought the solenoid switch at peterbilt but they could not tell me exactly where its located. Ive looked at firewall, behind key switch. I followed wires from starter and i see that three cables go into the box were the batteries are located under drivers door box. Its a peterbilt.

peterbilt starter relay location

But i have not been able to find the solenoid. Any ideas??? You should also have a relay for the starter interrupt. The relay is what powers the solenoid. The purpose of the relay is to keep the starter from engaging for a few possible reasons: When the engine is already running, clutch switch, neutral safety switch, etc. Once you find the starter solenoid, you can jump the small wires make sure it's in neutralif it starts up without issues by putting power and ground to the 2 small wires on the solenoid, then the solenoid is good.

If it's good, see if the solenoid is losing power from the relay by checking power at the small wire while cranking. If you loose power at the small power stud when the starter is not working, then you're losing power from the relay.

One dumb issue is that in the CECU, they still have the neutral safety switch enabled even though we have manual transmissions, then they just put a jumper in the wire by the trans. Corrosion there will cause starter issues, we just change the parameter with ESA so it ignores it. We've also had the ground wire for the CECU chaff under the dash that causes low voltage while cranking, which resets the CECU and kicks the starter out when it does.

If you find that you can jump it so see if your problem goes away, that will give you a direction to go. Peterbilt paccar engine to cummins isx cm Replies: 7. Last Post by ayjanamo. Source Addresses for peterbilt with Swapped to Last Post by ejh1. Peterbilt Training. Replies: 6.

Last Post by takama. Replies: Last Post by Rjpierma Looking for peterbilt wiring diag fuse box.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Jun 4, 1. Here's what I got Yesterday, pulled into a truck stop and shut the truck off while I ran in to pee.

Came back out, key turned on, lights, gauges and warning lights all came on. Hit the start button, and notta. Checked the fuses in the kick panel, nothing blown.

Looked at the relay, seems OK. Ohm meter across the normally open circuit as it shows on the relay diagram, so it's not stuck. Checked the wiring pigtail to the switch from the solenoid, nothing appears abnormal so far as post appearance or corrosion. Tried it again, and it fired up. Then on to today I stalled the truck at a light and immediately pushed the start button and got nothing. Now I'm sitting in the middle of the road and unable to start the truck.

Pulled the same exact wire apart I checked yesterday and tried it again.

peterbilt 387 ignition solenoid

Pulled the relay back apart, nothing. Except this time, I noticed the wires in and out of the relay were hotter than I remember from yesterday and so was the relay. I also checked the pigtail going to the relay from the starter, those were stupid hot. Starter itself was not hot, so I tapped on it a few times to 1, make myself feel better by hitting something and 2. It's what Peterbilt told me to try. Still nothing. Pulled the dash out to see if maybe there was a loose wire in the dash, nothing I could see.

All battery terminals are tight, all wires into the starter and solenoid are tight. And then the cop shows up and says he is going to have to get me a tow truck or I have to get it started. So, I get towed to the shop and I'm sitting here bored and decided to try the starter for fecal matter it won't let me type the "S" word and giggles The thing started right up, no dragging or noises from the starter.

And I have now started it 10 times with no hesitation in any attempt. So, I'm leaning to the idea that the relay wiring is the culprit.

Which explains why it's getting hot. Maybe a fusible link wire? Mind you, I am a licensed journeyman electrician, but not a mechanical 12v genius by any means. I get the common concept of a 12v system, but the starter relay wiring getting hot has me baffled. Anyone have any suggestion on what to look for and where to start no pun intended?

Starter Relay Switch for Peterbilt #CB12100 #CB1210 #16-03399

DocHoofJun 4, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

peterbilt starter relay location

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Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Commercial Vehicles. Where is the flasher relay located on a peterbilt? Wiki User Either behind the key panel or the gauge panel on the left side dash it's usually hidden by the loom so poke around and it will be there they always seem to fall behind the key panel there is 5 or 6 torx t screws that hold the panels in place.

The Ford F1 50 flasher relay switch is located below the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment. The flasher relay switch should be labeled as such. The flasher unit is integral to the switch. Asked in Ford F Where is the f turn signal flasher relay? The turn signal flasher relay on a Ford F is located under the dash near the brake pedal.

It controls the pulsation of the turn signals. The relay is located on the backside of the interior fuse panel to the left of the steering column. Asked in Isuzu Trucks Flasher relay location on Isuzu npr? The flasher relay switch can be found beneath the drivers side dashboard, on your Chrysler. The flasher relay switch will be to the left of the brake pedal. If I am not mistaken, it is on top of the steering column under the plastic cover and to the right of the hazard button.

No flasher. Relay in the cluster circuitry emulates the sound of conventional flasher. The circuit is mux module controlled.

Peterbilt Starter Relay Switch. S&S # S-21291 Ref. # 16-03909, CB12100, CB1210

Remove the flashe by pulling straight out. There are 2 flasher relays on your Camry. One for the turn signals and another for the hazard lights. I also cannot find out where they are located with my research. My advice is to call your local Toyota dealer and ask them. Asked in Commercial Vehicles Where can you get a service manual for your peterbilt truck?

Semi truck won’t start nor crank, starter solenoid issue

Try a Peterbilt dealership. Asked in Mercury Grand Marquis Where is the headlight relay located on your grand marqui?

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